The company was established by two prominent New Zealand marine businesses – Diverse Projects Limited and Oceania Marine Limited. EVO builds vessels in modern purpose built marine construction facilities at shipyards in Port Whangarei, New Zealand. The shipyards have a long history of commercial vessel construction.


EVO offers a range of workboats which have been specifically designed to operate as service vessels in the offshore energy industry as well as shoreside, in port operations. They are constructed to very high standards.

Energy Vessels Offshore - Fabrication Facility - South Shipyard - Port Whangarei - New Zealand

Vessels meet the standards expected of a New Zealand yard and comply with classification and flag state requirements for their area of operations.


In addition to the quality of construction EVO vessels have a significant price advantage over most of its international competitors due to currency exchange rates and reasonable local labour rates. The combination of quality and cost makes EVO the obvious choice.


EVO vessels are tailored to suit client needs and innovative technical solutions applied to meet operational or service requirements.